Transicon support for the GEM80 range


Transicon have enhanced its support capability for the GEM80 range of Programmable Logic Controllers, providing customers with  support, maintenance, test, repair service & full obsolescence management.


Transicon can also execute upgrades on GEM80 PLC & Legacy Drive systems to new modern equivalents, working closely with the client to determine the most cost effective and risk free route to achieve this.  


GEM80 Support from Transicon


Maintenance Days

Annual Spares audit & review

Test & Repair Service

Full Obsolescence Management

Training - onsite or at our offices

Remote Diagnostics

If you are concerned with obsolescence of your GEM80 PLC's and would like assistance in planning for the future whether it be maintaining current systems, assisting in spares acquisition or are simply looking for support upgrading to modern equivalents, then Transicon can definitely help you.

If you would like to speak with an engineer about how we can help please call 01952 605 515 or alternatively send an email to