Take Control with Transicon

We work with you to design, build and integrate the best control systems and bespoke production machinery. Increasing quality, saving time and money and improving your efficiency.

Since 1967, Transicon Limited has designed and built new production lines as well as refined existing electrical control systems to deliver competitively priced and low-maintenance systems that operate efficiently. View our services.

Specialist Electrical and Mechanical Engineering to maximise the quality and efficiency of your operations

Industrial manufacturers, processing plants and OEMs across the world have appointed Transicon Limited to design, manufacture and install electrical control systems to manage their production processes.

Combining reliable hardware with robust operating systems is at the heart of integrating your electrical control systems. Our approach to developing your bespoke operating solution involves working with you from the concept of the project through to its completion and final commissioning.

Since 1967, Transicon Limited has developed, refined and improved electrical control systems to deliver competitively priced, dependable and low maintenance systems that operate efficiently and economically.


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