Transicon reduces waste for major food manufacturer

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The sweet taste of success

  • A pick, place and pack line was causing 1% waste, costing the customer up to 18,000 per month in lost product.
  • Customer objective - to reduce on-going waste costs to a level of 0.2% whilst minimizing capital expenditure to achieve that goal.
  • In partnership with Transicon, the customer addressed their production efficiency issues. Transicon Engineers made their recommendations and the project took shape.
  • Modifications to Siemens Step 7 and Rexroth Indraworks raised efficiency on the line and downtime was reduced to required levels. Reliability was further enhanced by the inclusion of ongoing continuous improvement software modifications.
  • Transicon appointed a Resident Engineer to operate alongside the customer Continuous Improvement Team, with additional support available on demand.
  • Across the joint programme, productivity improved from 8 pallets per hour to 10 pallets, whilst retaining brand integrity. All the customer objectives were met and a saving of up to 15000 per month has been made.

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