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Upgrading & Installing Lines to UK Standards

  • The customer had an existing roll forming line for producing steel building system profile. Due to changes in their product offering they needed to change the configuration of the line to enable three different profiles to be run. To achieve this they purchased a longer roll forming line and tooling from another business unit within the group. This line, originating from outside of the EU, required a new control system and associated safety improvements to make it suitable for use within the UK.
  • The replacement line used a stationary shear. The old line had a flying shear allowing for continuous roll forming and high production rates of accurately cut parts.
  • Using our extensive experience of flying shears and production lines, Transicon were able to work with the customer to carry out initial mechanical design to show how the replacement roll former and the existing flying shear could be integrated into the customer’s production area.
  • Due to the increased production requirements and reliability concerns, the existing roll former motors were found to require replacement. Transicon selected replacement gear motors and carried out the required mechanical design and installation of the new motors into the roll former base.
  • Once the mechanical and electrical sections of the line had been completed and tested off line, Transicon dismantled the old line, cleared the area and installed the new roll former. Ancillary equipment was then installed around the new roll former before erecting of a new safety perimeter fence with Fortress trapped key interlocks to allow safe access and safety zoning of the line.
  • The new control system, consisting of a main control panel and a number of remote panels and control desks, was installed and connected.
  • The new control system consisted of a Rockwell Compact GuardLogix safety PLC, ABB ACS880 inverters and a Bosch Rexroth servo based flying shear drive.
  • Integration with the customer’s proprietary ERP system was handled via a Red Lion HMI panel on the main desk allowing automated production data handling.

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