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ADM case study

Transicon successfully upgrades complex GEM80 PLC and SCADA system on flour mill - with minimal downtime using their unique solution.

• Our customer needed to upgrade their GEM80 PLC due to obsolescence in a 2-day shutdown!!!!
• Replacing the GEM80's was never going to be an easy task – there were 2 main controllers - one talking to an old "IMAGEM" graphics system the other to an "iFix" Scada system with remote I/O stations in various locations around the Mill.
• The systems comprised of over 9,000 rungs of code, around 2,000 I/O points and 120 graphics pages.
• All previous solutions to upgrade needed a minimum of 12 / 14-day shutdown, due to the amount of remote I/O and complexity of the two SCADA systems.

Transicon's solution
• Using their unique GEM80 code converter and extensive library of proven GEM80 functions the conversion was seamless to a Rockwell ControlLogix PLC.
• Our in-depth knowledge of IMAGEM and iFix graphics enabled us to modernise the graphics to the latest ISA101 HMI standards to FT View SE client server.
• Our Tscan Scanner card enables the GEM80 I/O to be retained when the GEM80 PLC is changed to a modern leading PLC solution. This greatly reduces RISK. Our customers feel this unique solution is a "Game changer".
• Transicon installed and commissioned the new system in just 3 days leaving the existing GEM80 Digital I/O running off the new Rockwell PLC. Existing IO will now be changed out piecemeal on maintenance / outage days.
• Transicon have also successfully carried out conversions to Siemens PLC's

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Posted on 19/08/2020

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