Motor Control Centres & Panels

In commercial and industrial environments, electric motors are required to drive plant and equipment. It is often advantageous to control some or all of these motors from a central location. The apparatus designed for this function is the Motor Control Centre (MCC).

You can expect that Motor Control Centres from Transicon Limited are designed and built to exacting international standards and to meet the expectations of the most diverse range of industrial applications and hostile environments. Enclosures and components comply with relevant British Standards.

Transicon Limited does not compromise on quality. Every Motor Control Centre enclosure incorporates only the best components from the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of starters, fuses, circuit breakers and isolator switches. Reliability is paramount. Your reputation, production and product rely on the dependability of the machinery in your manufacturing cycle or processes and Transicon is there to support you.

Our approach to developing your bespoke Motor Control Centre involves working with you from the concept of the project through to its completion and final commissioning.

In-house Testing

Rigorous in-house testing of your Motor Control Centre prior to despatch reduces on-site commissioning time. Testing is undertaken using accurately calibrated instrumentation, with all relevant results included in the equipment's test certificate.

Since 1967, Transicon Limited has developed, refined and improved motor control centres to deliver competitively priced, dependable and low-maintenance systems that operate efficiently and economically.